About Us

Gentle Waves Renewal Center is a place to experience physical and emotional healing through Qi Gong (CHEE GUNG”) therapy.

Qi Gong therapy:

  • renews and heals physically and emotionally
  • compliments other therapies
  • adapts to your personal needs and preferences
  • does not interfere with medications
  • is practiced by many major U.S. hospitals

Gentle Waves Renewal Center owners/practitioners are Jane Montoya and Phil Szpiech.  Phil’s expertise in Qi Gong therapy has evolved from years of Tai Chi training. Jane and Phil  have both studied with Master Lisa B. O’Shea of the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester, with whom they continue to collaborate and develop energy healing practices.

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In providing Qigong energy healing, nutrition, and exercise we seek to complement and support the care of our client’s existing physician or therapist.