Aromatherapy promotes natural health and wellness with the use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

The infusion of aromatic molecules via diffusion, direct inhalation, topical application, or ingestion, chemically produces the therapeutic result.

Three qualities of these oils work together to provide physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Chemistry – essential oils contain from 80 – 3,000 chemical compounds,with scientifically documented therapeutic actions. These work in synergy within or among oils. The oils can be blended to produce specific therapeutic effects.

Fragrance – boosts every aspect of health and balances the body; influences memory and emotions.

Frequency – comparable to qi (life energy) – enables the oils to raise the energy levels of the body to increase immunity and promote higher levels of overall health.

          AromaTouch Therapy                   $75.00

The gentle application of 8 essential oils on the back, head, neck, and feet to promote:

  • Stress reduction,
  • Immune enhancement,
  • Inflammatory response reduction, and
  • Homeostasis

           Consultations                                $25.00

Consultations are available for the use of specific oils, and for oil options for specific ailments.
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In providing Qigong energy healing, nutrition, and exercise we seek to complement and support the care of our client’s existing physician or therapist.