Beat stress, boost immunity, and curb your appetite with this revitalizing 15-minute routine

298x232-push_and_pull-298_pushandpull_0If you’re like most women, you’re probably lacking in the energy department from time to time (or, okay, much of the time). Sound familiar? To the rescue: Qigong (pronounced chee-gong, which means “energy work”).

This form of active meditation—made up of flowing repetitive movements designed to harness your body’s energy—has been shown to enhance nervous system activity and lower stress hormone levels so you sleep better, feel more focused, and have fewer cravings. A UCLA study found that healthy adults reported feeling 10% more energetic throughout the day after practicing tai chi, a more complex form of qigong. A Swedish study also showed that qigong helped women in their 40s with fast-paced computer-based jobs to naturally slow their heart rate and blood pressure all day long.

You can get all of these benefits and more without stressing about how to fit it in! Enter: our exclusive 15-minute routine you can do anytime, anywhere (without changing into workout clothes!). Even if you can do only a few moves a day, you’ll feel happier, revitalized, and ready for your best year yet.

Workout at a glance: For all-day energy, do the routine at least 3 times a week; for an instant lift, do your favorite move anytime. Go from one exercise to the next in the order they appear, flowing through all the repetitions slowly and gracefully without stopping. Breathe through your nose, lips closed and the tip of your tongue lightly touching the top of your mouth behind your teeth (an acupressure point thought to regulate energy).

1. Big Cat Stretch

With feet hip-width apart, bend elbows so arms are at sides, palms facing each other. Simultaneously push right arm forward, palm facing away from you (like stopping traffic) and pull left hand back by hip, elbow behind you and palm facing up.

Now pull right hand back and push left hand forward.

Slowly continue to alternate hands for 6 to 9 reps with each arm.

End by gently shaking out arms and legs (like doing the Hokey Pokey), then come to stillness, resting right hand on top of left, just below navel.

Hold this position as long as you like.

  • Qigong: Your Stress Rx

    Taking care of ourselves right now is often last on our busy to-do list. Here, five reasons qigong is just what you need to stay healthy and happy this minute and all year long.

    Qigong: Your Stress Rx

    Taking care of ourselves right now is often last on our busy to-do list. Here, five reasons qigong is just what you need to stay healthy and happy this minute and all year long.


  • It brightens your mood: For adults who experience a case of the blues over the holidays, doing qigong may ease depression as effectively as drugs—without the side effects—suggests a study from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Participants reported a 70% drop in symptoms after 2 months of practice, which seems to regulate serotonin levels.
  • It deepens your sleep: Practicing tai chi helped people with sleep complaints drift off about 18 minutes faster and slumber 48 minutes longer in an Oregon Research Institute study. The meditative movements may modify circadian rhythms, so you sleep through the night.
  • It revs immunity: Adults who did qigong and tai chi for 3 hours a week after receiving a flu vaccine produced three times as many antibodies as those receiving only the vaccine, reveals a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This added protection could be helpful if your immune system is suppressed due to stress and lack of sleep.
  • It eases headaches: Qigong may also be a drug-free sigh of relief from stress-related headaches, according to UCLA researchers. Women affected by these headaches who did tai chi reported less frequent and less severe pain. The exercise limited muscle spasms and inflammation that can contribute to headaches.
  • It prevents slips and falls: By improving balance and reaction time, qigong can help you navigate slippery sidewalks. The slow, coordinated exercises enhance awareness of your body movement, improve control over the muscles that support the knees, and may even help you avoid a turned ankle, finds another University of Illinois study.


Energy Medicine

Dr. James Oschman on Energy Medicine


Highlights from Dr. James Oschmans presentation at the Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Oschman believes that a new milestone in medicine is upon us, harnessing the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy. This new technology which is entering mainstream medical use stimulates the repair and regeneration of one or more tissues. For more information  on anti-aging and regenerative medicine visit

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Phil Szpiech completes 5 month Acupressure Mastery Program.


Phil Szpiech – Gentle Waves Renewal Center


Acupressure may be used on certain key points during a Qigong therapy session to assist with and complement the release of blockages, ease muscular tension, increase the circulation of blood and the flow of Qi.

Acupressure uses only finger pressure (no needles) to access the energy of the body through specific points and meridian pathways that influence the health and well-being of a person.  Acupressure is extremely useful in the area of pain management.



Qi Gong Techniques


Qi Gong therapy are specific techniques that use the knowledge of the internal and external body energies to purge, tonify and balance.

These are safe and effective ways for a patient to remove the buildup of toxic pathogens and years of painful emotions that often lead to mental and physical illness. The practice entails coordinating slow movements with breathing to cultivate the flow of energy, or Qi (chee), in a sort of graceful, fluid dance. It is a form of exercise, but is much less a muscle-based workout and more of a mindful energetic-based practice.

Our experience is that, because Qi Gong helps improve posture and respiration, induces the relaxation response, creates favorable changes in blood chemistry and improves concentration, almost everyone could benefit from this practice.

Benefits of Medical Qi Gong include:

* Optional treatment for patients with needle phobias or sensitivities

* Effective for treating infants and small children

* Combines preventative and therapeutic healing modalities

* Increases patients mind/ body awareness

* Empowers the patient to be actively involved in their healthcare

Qi Gong includes both dynamic and gentle techniques that can be practiced from a standing, seated, and supine position. Our Qi Gong teacher can tailor your practice to your individual needs making it an ideal aid to recovery from illness or injury.

How it works?

  • Enhancing circulation and warming the blood
  • Developing reflexes and dexterity and preventing osteoporosis
  • Increasing arterial circulation which nourishes the nervous system
  • Increasing mental focus, acuity, energy and concentration and much more

Our purpose is to empower people with the tools for sustainable good health by identifying both natural and effective methods for healing which are biologically and ecologically friendly. We treat all clients with compassion and respect, and honor each person’s beliefs and faith.

If you want to resolve root issues, improving your health, emotional and spiritual challenges, you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to providing quality total wellness services for the global community. Contact us at (757) 295-8814 for more information.