Our Credentials


Phil Szpiech


Phil Szpiech is a long-time student of Chinese language, history and culture.

During his 26 year Naval career he lived in various Far Eastern countries, including Taiwan. He began studying Tai Chi/Qi Gong for the health and longevity benefits and became interested in medical Qi Gong and martial arts in general. In 1999, he began training and teaching with Bending Tree Tai Chi, a local non-profit health and wellness company. He specializes in teaching seniors and people with chronic health conditions.

Phil is one of the founders and former board member of the Tai Chi East West Alliance. Since 2009, Phil has been studying Medical Qi Gong Therapy through the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester.

Jane Montoya

Janie Montoya intuitively practiced energy healing throughout her life. When she began practicing Tai Chi in 2008, she became interested in other forms of energy practice.

In 2009, she began studying Medical Qigong with Master Lisa B. O’Shea of the Qigong Institute of Rochester.

Janie also began studying therapeutic grade, pure essential oils, which she uses in her aromatherapy practice.

Today, Janie continues to study other energy forms of healing which complement her Qigong and aromatherapy work.

In providing Qigong energy healing, nutrition, and exercise we seek to complement and support the care of our client’s existing physician or therapist.