Qi Gong Therapy


Qi Gong therapy is an ancient Chinese therapeutic technique based on the concept that all maladies result from energy blockages in the body.  The Qi Gong therapist at Gentle Waves Renewal Center gently removes those blockages, enabling the body to heal.

This non-invasive therapy is appropriate for all ages and is both preventative and curative.  It has been shown to improve health, longevity, and the overall quality of life.

The Qi Gong session begins with diagnosis. This involves ascertaining the overall health status of the client. Our focus is on organ systems, as symptoms frequently manifest in different, even misleading areas. Diagnosis begins with dialogue with the client, then continues through observations, and scanning of the body for energy blockages.

The therapy component consists of continued scanning and the removal of blockages while the client sits, then lies (fully clothed) on a massage table.  This is followed by sending energy into the areas of the body that need it. The process is very gentle and relaxing. Clients frequently sleep through it.

The nutrition component begins the process of gently phasing into the diet, foods which stimulate the necessary healing.  It is important to do this slowly so it will result in lifelong changes. There are many options, so it is not necessary to eat foods that are particularly distasteful. There are other important considerations, including the time of the year and the manner of food preparation.

The exercise component is quite gentle, yet powerful. Medical Qi Gong is a wellness system.  The gentle movements are included to initiate a lifelong practice of maintaining physical and emotional health. They are designed to accommodate the client’s needs and capabilities.

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In providing Qigong energy healing, nutrition, and exercise we seek to complement and support the care of our client’s existing physician or therapist.